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The bad habit

It is all about the time when I was just around ten years old. I should have been in class fourth. Just like other convent schoolers, I too was allergic of studying at School. So, whenever, did the bus came… I used to hide from the bus driver’s focus. Often I took shelters of shops or … else, walked away from the place.

After the complete skipping of omnibus, I was filled of joy. I used to wander around and in market and, then after a while take the path to home. So, almost no more studying on that day. What a kid I was!! My parent used to scold me every day.. but it had become a routine. There remains not even a single day, while I got beaten for leaving the school. As I was a tough boy, I had to learn how to handle my bad. So, instead of instantly walking home after school bunk, I started to wander like devil all the day until the bus returned from the convent school. My lunch-box was  the savior for me… which helped me survive every day I did the crime. This process took around one year and ended after I became a little good in nature.and currently i am a postgraduate in major in organic chemistry………….

Wish I hadn’t done that.




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